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30 October 2012

Art and craft

Orange County, California
30 October 2012

Over the last several days, we've been responding to panicked emails from family and friends who worried about the son sitting in the path of the massive storm that just hit the East coast...and we were sending plenty of our own to the son to make sure that he was paying sufficient attention to what was going on around him. Fortunately for us, of course, DC missed much of the worst of the storm, and the son enjoyed two days of cancelled classes with the minor inconvenience of being told to shelter in place last night with whatever food he'd stockpiled from the dining hall.

So many fared so much worse, though. And as usual, there are the jokesters complaining about being asked to gather emergency supplies when ultimately their areas weren't as hard hit as the forecast predicted. And there are those who were asked to evacuate, didn't and are now suffering because of that, moaning that officials should have forced them out.

It never ends.

Today, I turned it all off and walked away from the photos and the stories. I'd promised the daughter I'd help with her Halloween costume, so I mixed paste and put papier mache on the form she'd created, dipping strips of paper and smoothing them over tape and wood and rough bits of cardboard. After an hour and a half or so, I set the whole mess on the lawn, hoping that the dry breeze and warm sun would hasten the hardening process. Later in the afternoon, I brought out the paint and set to work again, with spray and acrylic and a brush. She added bits tonight. If it survives the day tomorrow, I might post a photo of the final product.

Can you guess what she's made?

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. So, as I mentioned, the battery for my Nikon is dead...and I can't seem to find the charger.

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