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08 October 2012

Another day, another castle

Dunluce Castle
Antrim, United Kingdom
16 July 2012

On this particular trip, castles were a bit like icons when you visit Russia: there's a seemingly endless supply. This is not, in any way, to demean the castles or the countries (or icons, for that matter), but one hears so many stories and sees so many structures in such a short space that they all sort of meld into the Platonic form of the castle.

I did think this ruin particularly fetching, however, perched as it is above the sea, shrouded a bit by mist. It may have been the castle whose kitchen fell wholesale off the cliff one night (kitchen staff, unfortunately, included) and it may have had a tough, smart and feisty woman somewhere in its past (we heard of at least three, one each in three different countries). Or it might not have.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40. Dunluce Castle is located on the northeastern coast of Northern Ireland, which is quite a picturesque area.

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