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26 December 2011


West German glass ornament
24 December 2011

The is one of a set of glass ornaments that my parents bought in 1961, the year they were married, at People's, a drugstore in Washington, D.C. The box of 12 cost $1.99, and noted prominently that they were manufactured in West Germany.

For whatever reason, my mother decided some years ago that I should have all the old glass ornaments, and I have maybe four of what used to be a dozen large ones, and two or three of the small. The glass is thin and they are quite fragile.

This year at the daughter's school's holiday boutique, a woman was selling these ornaments as antiques. I recognized two from our original set, both of which were broken in my childhood. I was astonished that she should have found duplicates of these ornaments; I've never seen them anywhere else before. I don't remember precisely how much she was charging for them, but it would have bought several dozen all those years ago.

And it gave me pause to think of them as "antique."

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40.

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