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09 October 2011

Occupy Chicago: Vehicle of protest

Chicago, Illinois
7 October 2011

When I realized that I was attracting maybe a little more attention than I wanted to, I wandered back up La Salle, and continued to pretend that I was photographing architecture (ok, so maybe I wasn't entirely pretending...). As I went around the corner, I caught sight of this truck, and it made me smile because it was colorful and creative. What I didn't catch until I loaded the photo onto my computer a few moments ago were the three people who were holding up their posters on the far corner. If you guys (one of you might have been a woman; I didn't see the third person until I overexposed the photo to make sure that the license plate was not visible) were trying to get my attention, I'm sorry; I completely missed you. And if one of you is the owner of the truck, nice work!

I actually posted this one on my Twitter stream just after I took it, but somehow I managed to delete several tweets that afternoon, probably because I was carrying the phone around in my pocket while I was wielding the D40.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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