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16 September 2011

What goes up

Ferris wheel
Irvine, California
16 September 2011

The daughter has always had a thing about Ferris wheels, always loved going up on them. I, naturally, do not care for heights, but somehow always ended up on them with her. One year we went to the fair, and memorably, she was giggling her way through our ride on the baby wheel, when suddenly it stopped with us at the very top. I sat there and tried to concentrate on the pretty lights in the night, peered down at Chuck Berry performing on the stage adjacent to the rides, and generally tried to pretend that I was not 100 feet above the ground.

A few years back, she coerced me into a ride on this monster. Fortunately, it scared the bejesus out of her.

(I sat with my eyes closed the entire ride.)

Since then, every time we see it, she shudders delicately and murmurs something that sounds vaguely like, "Never again."

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. Yes! That Chuck Berry. I watched him from the top of a freaking Ferris wheel.

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