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08 September 2011


8 September 2011

I was working indoors and I could hear the crows in our huge Italian stone pine raising the roof. Finally, I got curious enough to go investigate what was setting them off since it wasn't immediately obvious.

From the laundry room window, I caught sight of Olivier, the neighborhood Gentleman Cat About Town. Except he's not much of a gentleman, more of a bully. But he was basking peacefully in my vegetable garden (bare of vegetables, of course. Gardening hasn't been something I've been able to do much), nibbling at grasses and enjoying the sun.

Milton, naturally, loathes Olivier. They are about the same age, and when Olivier was a young half-grown kitten, another neighbor and I cared for him as best we could until a third neighbor decided to adopt him. So, Milton has always seen Olivier as an interloper and begrudged him every kibble I ever gave him. Of course, that Olivier tried to beat him up (Milton won) and frequently beat up Milton's friend Max, didn't sit particularly well with my feline, either.

None of this stops Olivier from romping around my yard. Milton generally sits behind the french doors or the laundry room window, performing the Dance of Rage.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40. Olivier does retain some vestigial memory that I once took care of him. He will roll on the ground when he sees me, singing love songs in his terrible rasping voice. Today, he did ecstatic figure eights around my ankles.

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