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20 September 2011

Childhood's end

20 September 2011

The Trojan War was reenacted here. Spies snapped photos and transmitted secret codes. Pirates sailed the seven seas. A restaurant opened.

His grandparents bought the big wooden play structure for the son when he was 2. He loved climbing the slide, running up the ladders, swinging and driving with the steering wheel. When the daughter came along, she received the big plastic house and everything was utilized with enthusiasm.

When I called the hauler last week, I explained what needed to be taken, and said a little ruefully, "The kid it was purchased for is applying to college, so I guess it's time for it to go."

It had become what is known in the business as "an attractive nuisance." We found that visitors with young kids tended to assume that it was safe to leave their little ones unattended to play, and more than once, my heart caught in my throat when I found very small unsupervised tots hanging from it. We didn't have playground quality padding down there.

It was full of spiders.

I was surprised to learn that my children are more grieved that I am having the olive tree removed next month than they were that the play structure is no more.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40, ambient light.

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