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06 May 2010


Cathedral of St. Paul
St. Paul, Minnesota
22 May 2008

I had a day and a bit more in St. Paul, and I visited the science museum, wandered along the Mississippi (I saw a lot of the Mississippi that summer) and finally, after a lunch of shepherd's pie (for a place that I always thought of as largely Scandinavian, there certainly were a lot of Irish pubs), I wandered up the hill to see the cathedral.

Although I no longer visit churches for religious purposes, I like the cool peace to be found within and the faint tang of incense on the air, which stirs so many interesting memories. And the architecture and history are so frequently compelling. But whether I'm in a Gothic cathedral in Europe or an ancient mission in Arizona, there is something oddly comforting in the vaulted ceilings and the deep quiet.

Tech stuff: Taken with the horrible camera on my Nokia 6125i cell phone. But honestly, I like this photo better than all the nauseous green-tinged iPhone photos that are cropping up everywhere right now.

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